Adobe Captivate Masterclass

This course Includes course materials, certificate as well as refreshments.


This Adobe captivate is a software by Adobe which allows users to responsive and effective elearning courses. 


Course Name Dates Duration Price
Adobe Captivate Masterclass 18/04/2024 Online Live Instructor
1 Day
$ 699
Adobe Captivate Masterclass 18/04/2024 London
1 Day
$ 1299
Adobe Captivate Masterclass 18/04/2024 Birmingham
1 Day
$ 1299
Adobe Captivate Masterclass 18/04/2024 Leeds
1 Day
$ 1299
Adobe Captivate Masterclass 18/04/2024 Riyadh
1 Day
$ 1299
Adobe Captivate Masterclass 18/04/2024 Jeddah
1 Day
$ 1299
Adobe Captivate Masterclass 18/04/2024 Dammam
1 Day
$ 1299
Adobe Captivate Masterclass 18/04/2024 New York
1 Day
$ 1299
Adobe Captivate Masterclass 18/04/2024 Las Vegas
1 Day
$ 1299
Adobe Captivate Masterclass 18/04/2024 San Francisco
1 Day
$ 1299

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There are no special skills required for attending this course, but you should have Pc operating skills. 





This course is open to everyone, regardless of experience with Adobe Captivate. It’s ideal for those looking to build upon skills and create more interactive and audience-engaging eLearning courses.


This course is giving information about basic elearning theory, creating new projects etc. 


This Adobe Captive is a software which is used for concise and condensed of Adobe Captivate within one day. The main features or permitting captivate to create interactive course. These are interactive aspects which results in engaging and immersive experience for users of elearning course. 



This one day course covering the following topics:

  • Basic eLearning theory
  • Getting to know the workspace
  • Using Captivate views
  • Creating a new project
  • Using templates
  • Importing from Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Adding & Deleting Slides
  • Inserting standard objects
  • Inserting drawing objects
  • Editing the timeline
  • Understanding animation
  • Layers and visibility
  • Adjusting animation sequences
  • Working with interactive elements
  • Working with slide branching
  • Using Question Slides
  • Choosing a Question type
  • Creating a question pool
  • Setting quiz options
  • Using quiz branching techniques
  • Previewing the project
  • Project settings
  • Saving projects
  • Publishing the project


What is an Adobe Captivate Masterclass?


Adobe Captive software is created by Adobe allowing users to create responsive and efefctive elearning courses. 


Is there any Prerequisites to attend the class?

There is no prerequisites for attending this class, but only basic Pc skills is required. 

What is the cost of Adobe Premiere Pro?

This course is about.............

What is the best training provider for Adobe Captivity Masterclass globally? 

thehubofknowledge is the best Adobe Captivity Masterclass provider globally.

Which is the best provider for Adobe Captivate Mastercalss?

The thehubofknowledge is the Leading global training provider for Adobe Captivate Mastercalss.

What are the best Adobe training providers globally?

Checkout our catalog for Adobe training courses.

Is Adobe Captivate Masterclass easy to use?

Adobe Captivate Masterclass is easy and simple to use. 

How Adobe Captivate Masterclass Helps Me?

Adobe Captivate is covering the Following Topics: Creating new topics, templates, impoorting microsoft powerpoint, adding slides etc. 


What is the duration of this course?

The Course is about 1 day. 

Is there any exam needed for Adobe Captivate Masterclass?

No, Only Participation and attendence will give guarantee certificate.